Artist's statement

Originally trained as a theorist, in 2007 I enrolled on the renowned, practice-based MA in Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster, from which I graduated (with distinction) in September 2009.

My work explores the process of photographic mediation. I am particularly interested in reflecting, both practically and conceptually, on photography’s technical dimension. Rather than uncritically celebrate or fall into hysteria about ‘the digital age’, for me digitality is an intrinsic condition of photography, both in its past and present forms. It is through the working of light in the constitution of a pattern – what could be understood as the ‘ON/OFF’ of the information culture – that photography comes into being, on film, paper, digital sensor or computer screen. We can therefore say that we have always been digital.

My art practice develops along the lines of ‘philosophy as photography’, where image-making becomes a form of working through the relations between medium and matter. If it is not to serve as a handmaiden to the written word, this kind of work needs to remain attentive to the singularity of the visual, or the physical operations and interventions of the eye. But it also needs to engage – creatively and critically – with the material practices, machines, technologies and techniques of photography.

I bring together old and new photographic techniques to produce images that creatively remediate the history of photography as well as its kinship with other media.