We Have Always Been Digital, 2009

This project explores digitality as the intrinsic condition of photography, both in its past and present forms. Rather than focus on the aesthetic qualities of light, it invites the viewer to consider the formal role of light in the constitution of a pattern, the ‘ON/OFF’ of the information culture. It assumes that computation also takes place outside what we conventionally think of as ‘computers’. Indeed, it is through the differential effect of the presence and absence of any data - of pattern, electricity, light - that computation occurs in the wider world, engendering complexity and bringing about change. The eight images presented here show the digital flow and exchange of data in different media: house walls, furniture, human bodies. They capture the digital condition: the emergence of a pattern of zeroes and ones.

This project has been exhibited at Shoreditch Town Hall, London, at the Shifted Gallery in Melbourne, and at Goldsmiths as part of the 'Media and the Senses' exhibition. Download the Melbourne catalogue here.