Keynote speaker at the international conference, ‘The Humanities and the Rise of AI: Implications of Cultural and Societal Engineering’, University of Luxembourg, 14-18.06.2020.


Invited speaker at the international symposium ‘Teaching Photographs’, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, US, 10-12.10.2019.

Invited speaker at ‘The Gift of Nam June Paik 11: Alternative Media Ecology’, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea, 28.09.2019.

Series of lectures on minimal ethics, ‘the end of man’ and nonhuman photography at Universidad Iberoamericana and UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico, 2-6.09.2019.

Invited speaker at the symposium ‘Artificial Intelligence // Cultural Technique’, organised by the Media & Communications Department at Södertörn University and held at Tekniska museet Stockholm, Sweden, 14.06.2019.

Keynote speaker at the international conference, ‘Art in the Anthropocene’, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 7-9.06.2019.

Keynote speaker at the symposium 'Screening Disappearance', University of Warwick, UK, 30.05.2019.

Invited speaker at 'Machine Visions and Eyeless Sight: On Art, Photography and Artificial Intelligence': a symposium at the Whitworth Gallery (Study Centre), University of Manchester, UK, 24.05.2019.

Keynote speaker at re:publica: Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference (13th edition: tl;dr), STATION Berlin together with MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin, Germany, 6-8.05.2019.

Invited speaker at the symposium 'Photographic Material: Archives and Tools', collaboration between the Academy of Media Arts (KHM), international photography festival Photoszene Cologne and German Photographic Society (DGPh), Cologne, Germany, 3-5.05.2019.

Invited speaker at the Reading Group: The Extended Body (involving a reading from my book, The End of Man, alongside Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr's essay on tissue cultures) to accompany the exhibition Spare Parts, Science Gallery London, 9.04.2019.

Invited lecture on undigital photography, Vassar College, US, 3.04.2019.

Invited lecture ‘Return of the Cyborg’ at the Cyborgs Late Night event at Wellcome Collection, London, 15.03.2019.

Invited speaker at 'Contingent Computation: Abstraction, Experience, and Indeterminacy in Computational Aesthetics': book launch by Beatrice Fazi, Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex, UK, 1.03.2019.

Keynote speaker at 'Creative Collaborations': a conference on Art, Design and HRI, organised by the Department of the Arts and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Industrial Design at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel, 10.01.2019.


Invited speaker in the SLIVER 2018/19 Lecture Series, based on the theme 'In Theory,...', Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Die Angewandte), Austria, 13.12.2018.

Keynote speaker at the international conference, ‘Photography Off the Scale’, FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-10.11.2018.

Invited speaker at the Institute of Humanities, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), Spain, 22.10.2018.

Keynote speaker at the AHRC CHASE postgraduate conference, ‘Intelligent Futures: Automation, AI and Cognitive Ecologies’, University of Sussex, UK, 1-2.10.2018. 

Invited speaker at the symposium, 'Deterritorialising the Future', part of the AHRC Heritage Priority Area: Nature, Culture & the Posthumanities, University College London, UK, 14.09.2018.

Invited speaker at the symposium, Vision’s Bleeding Edge, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 3.07.2018.

Invited speaker at the symposium, 'Shadows of the Dawn: Migration and the Indeterminacy of Community and Immunity', Institute of Environment, Health and Societies, Brunel University, UK, 3.06.2018.

Invited speaker in the lectures and screening series 'Humain / Non-humain' at the exhibition center Le Bal, Paris, France, 7.06.2018.

A series of invited lectures in the School of Journalism and Communication at Shandong University, China, 21.05-2.06.2018.

Keynote speaker at the Second Audio-Visual Communication Summit Forum organized by the Rhetoric Society of the World - Audiovisual Communication Society and School of Journalism and Communication of Shandong University, China, and co-organized by School of Journalism and Communication of the Communication University of China, 26.05.2018.

Keynote speaker and jury member at awards ceremony for P3 prize, focusing on collaborative and interdisciplinary developments in the field of post-photography, Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), awards ceremony held in London, 15.05.2018.

Invited speaker at the symposium ‘Human Resources: Whither the Human? On the human as a quantitative-qualitative resource’, University College London, UK, 20.04.2018

Invited speaker at the conference 'Daemons in the Machine: Methods for Creating Technological Art', as part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of LABORATORIA Art & Science, British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia, 17.03.2018.

Invited speaker at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), Russia, 16.03.2018.

Keynote speaker at the international symposium, 'Deleuze, Guattari and the Art of Multiplicity', Long Hub Research Institute for Arts and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 9.03.2018.

Invited speaker at Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, Jerwood Space, London, 5.02.2018.


Invited talk for Medea: a research lab for collaborative media, design, and public engagement, Malmö University, Sweden, 15.12.2017

Invited talk (including film screening) at Interfaces Monthly: Technofeminisms, organised by the Barbican Centre and The Trampery, London, 3.11.2017.

Invited talk (including film screening) at GUEST, GHOST, HOST: MACHINE! Marathon at Serpentine Galleries, City Hall, London, 7.10.2017.

Invited speaker at #postARTandSCIENCE, a one-day symposium at the Wellcome Collection, London, 22.09.2017.

Keynote speaker at the symposium 'Photography in a Changing Environment' organised in memory of the late Hans Hedberg (professor at Konstfack and dean at Gothenburg University), co-organised by Konstfack, University of Arts, Craft and Design, and Valand Academy (Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg University) and held at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, 14.09.2017.

Invited speaker at the Ars Electronica Festival for Art, Technology and Society, POSTCITY Linz, 7-11.09.2017.

Keynote speaker at the Vulnerabilities conference, Department of Canadian Studies and Literary Translation, Institute of Romance Languages and Translation Studies, University of Silesia, Poland, 6-8.07.2017.

Invited speaker at XXIII International Colloquium 'I become extinct, therefore I think', 17, Institute of Critical Studies / Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, 26.06-1.07.2107 [by Skype].

Keynote speaker at the symposium rounding off the AHRC project 'Nature and Other Forms of That Matter' run at Royal Holloway, University of London, 24.06.2017. Symposium to be held at Senate House, London.

Keynote speaker at the symposium ‘Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation’, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh, 22-24.06.2017.

Inaugural keynote at ISEA (23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art) on the topic of Bio-creation and Peace, and XVI International Image Festival, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia, 11-18.06.2017.

Invited talk in the series 'Desdobrando Imagens/Unfolding Images', SESC Belenzinho Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4.06.2017.

Keynote speaker at ‘UNFOLDING IMAGES – VR, Volumetric Filmmaking and Spatial Control’: 7th Besides the Screen International Conference, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Vitória, Brazil, 31.05-2.06.2017.

Invited featured speaker, The End of Man symposium, Center for Advanced Media Studies, Johns Hopkins University, US, 27.04.2017.

Invited lecture to accompany the exhibition, ‘Superorganism. The Avantgarde and the Experience of Nature’, Museum of Art (Muzeum Sztuki) in Łódź, Poland, 20.04.2017.

Keynote speaker at the ‘Ecologies’ event/excursion that expands the Transmediale 2017 programme - which this year is under the title ‘ever elusive’, and which celebrates its 30 year, Berlin, 24.02.2017.

Invited speaker at the ‘Beyond the Internet of Things’ symposium, Royal College of Art, London, 8.02.2017.


Invited speaker at ‘Value and Values’: Interaction, Infrastructures and Accumulation – final symposium for the ESRC Professorial Fellowship project ‘Value and Values’ conducted by Bev Skeggs and Simon Yuill; event sponsored by ESRC, Goldsmiths and The Sociological Review Foundation and held at Goldsmiths, University of London, 3.12.2016.

Keynote speaker at ‘Mediating (Dis)Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures’: 6th European Communication Conference, organised under the auspices of European Communication Research and Education Association ECREA, Prague, 9-12.11.2016.

Keynote speaker at 'Towards Future Media Landscapes', The Norwegian Media Researchers' Association Bi-Annual Conference, 20-21.10.2016, University of Bergen, Norway.

Keynote speaker at 'Performing Situated Knowledges: Space, Time and Vulnerability': 7th Annual Conference on the New Materialisms, organised by New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on ‘How Matter Comes to Matter’, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), Action IS 1307 and Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, 21-23.09.2016.

Invited speaker at the symposium 'Cybernetic Subjectivities and the Mediation of Trust and Empathy': inaugural founding event marking the establishment of the Centre for Entangled Media Research, Lincoln University, 24-25.05.2016.

Invited panellist – alongside Oron Catts (Director of SymbioticA), Lucy McRae (Body Architect) and Edward Perello (CEO & Founder, Desktop Genetics) – in the debate on Engineering Life, Virtual Futures Salon, Lights of Soho art gallery and club, London, 25.04.2016.

Plenary speaker at the ‘What is Media?’ conference, University of Oregon, Portland, US, 14-16.04.2016.

Invited speaker at lecture series Ego-Media: The impact of new media on forms and practices of self-presentation; King’s College London, 23.03.2016.

Invited speaker at the international conference ‘Charisma of the Book: Global Perspectives for the 21st Century’, The NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE, 14-16.03.2016.

Invited speaker at #TheGreatTransformation: digital technology and social change. Launch event of the new Centre for Digital Culture at King’s College London, 9.03.2016.

Invited lecture at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, 3.03.2016.

Invited lecture in the series 'Media Archaeology and Art History', Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art (INHA), Paris, France, 25.02.2016.

Invited speaker on the panel ‘Will the Earth Outlast the Human?’, Festival of Questions, presented by Lancaster Arts in partnership with Lancaster University, 20.02.2016.

Invited speaker at ‘After the Spectacular Image: Art, Architecture, and the Media of Climate Change Environmental Humanities Symposium’, Princeton Environmental Institute, co-sponsored by the Princeton School of Architecture, the Princeton-Mellon Initiative on Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities, and the Program on Media and Modernity, Princeton University, US, 11-12.02.2016.

Keynote speaker at the HackTheBook festival and mentor at the HackTheBook hackathon, Onassis Cultural Centre in collaboration with the Europeana Space Network, Athens, Greece, 22-24.01.2016.


Invited speaker at the symposium 'Problems of ethics: modern technological and scientific culture', Polytech.Science.Art Week, organised by The Polytechnic Museum, in collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, 7-13.12.2015.

Invited public lecture, 'Bioethics in the Age of New Media 2.0', Polytech.Science.Art Week, The Polytechnic Museum, in collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, 9.12.2015.

Invited speaker at Media Theory in Transit: a one-day symposium at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, 24.11.2015.

Talk on minimal ethics for [Again]: an independent intellectual community in London, open to those with particular interest in philosophy and critical theory and to anyone with a more general curiosity for ideas, Common House, Bethnal Green, London, 17.11.2015.

Invited lecture on open book publishing at KU Leuven, Belgium, 12.11.2015.

Keynote speaker at the symposium, ‘Repositioning the Social at the Heart of the Anthropocene: A Transdisciplinary Dialogue’, University of Kent, 30.10-1.11.2015.

Invited speaker in the seminar series 'The Anthropocene: Looking for the Emergency Exit', Digital Culture Research Centre, Pervasive Media Studio, University of the West of England, 21.10.2015.

Panellist on 'Open Access Monographs and Publishing Models: Collaborative Ways Forward': panel organised by the Goldsmiths Research Office as part of the 2015 International Open Access Week, Goldsmiths, University of London, 19.10.2015.

Invited speaker at the international colloquium, 'Etudes culturelles / Cultural studies: au-delà des politiques des identités / beyond identity politics', Centre Culturel International de Cerisy, Cerisy-la-Salle, France, 2-9.09.2015.

Keynote speaker at the conference 'Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual Culture', University of Greenwich, London, 24-25.07.2015.

Knowledge x Production x Form: a conversation on learning through culture practices in the Anthropocene, with Lindsay Bremner, Emily Pethick, Anna-Sophie Springer, Etienne Turpin & Joanna Zylinska, The Showroom art gallery, London, 6.07.2015.

Participant in a plenary panel on New/Old Theory in Media Studies/Cultural Studies at the international conference, Reframing Media/Cultural Studies in the Age of Global Crisis, University of Westminster, UK, 19-20.06.2015.

Invited speaker at the Radical Open Access Conference, Coventry University, 15-16.06.2015.

Keynote speaker at the conference, '#Neoliberation: The Self in the Era of New Media', Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, 9-10.06.2015.

Keynote speaker at the core meeting of artists, curators and thinkers, ‘What Can Art Do for Science?’ programmed by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński and taking place during the opening events of the 16th International Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 Test Exposure, Wrocław, Poland, May 13-17, 2015.

Plenary speaker at the conference ‘After Extinction’, Center for 21st Century Studies (C21), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US, 30.04-2.05.2015.

Keynote speaker at the conference, 'What Is An Image?', University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 9-10.04.2015.

Keynote speaker at the symposium 'Visual Culture: Environment and Nature’, Lund University, Sweden, 25-26.03.2015.

Opening talk for the Danish Media and Journalism School on Digital Media Development and Culture in the World, London, 16-19.03.2015.

Keynote speaker (with Sarah Kember) at the symposium, 'Constructing, Coding and Curating Digital Archives', University of Copenhagen, 9.03.2015; held in collaboration with the activist archival event: ‘WeCanEdit Copenhagen: Feminist Wikipedia edit-a-thon’, 8.03.2015.

Invited speaker at EuropeanaPhotography Final Conference, 'The Impact of Digitization on Photographic Heritage: Memories Reframed', KU Leuven, Belgium, 29-30.01.2015.


Invited speaker at the Courtauld’s History of Photography Research Seminar, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, 12.11.14.

Invited speaker at the 2014/2015 inaugural lecture at the Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths, University of London, 9.10.2014.

Invited seminar as part of the Winton Chair Scholar visit, 'Nonhuman Photography', University of Minnesota, US, 25.09.2014

Invited workshop as part of the Winton Chair Scholar visit: 'The Rise of the Amateur: Creativity and "Cheap and Simple" Media', Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota, US, 24.09.2014

Winton Chair Cornerstone Lecture, 'Life, Death, and Extinction: Minimal Ethics for the Whole Universe', Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota, US, 23.09.2014

Invited speaker at the AHRC-funded workshop ‘Image Research and its Futures’ organised by the Winchester School of Art and Goldsmiths, London, 19.06.2014.

Invited speaker at the seminar on the Anthropocene, LadHyX (CNRS) and Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France, 16.06.2014.

Keynote speaker at the conference, 'The Culture of Affect - Affect in Culture: Humanities after the Affective Turn', Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 6-8.06.2014.

Launch of the Polish translation of Bioethics in the Age of New Media, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 5.06.2014.

Invited speaker at the 'Imaging Scales of Relation' roundtable, Visual Cultures Public Programme, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, 29.05.2014.

Invited speaker at 'All About Imaging: Transactions', organised by the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design of the University of Westminster, with the co-operation of the Imaging Science Group of The Royal Photographic Society, London, UK, 22-23.05.2014.

Invited speaker at the symposium, ‘Photography and Abstraction’, University of Westminster, London, UK, 9.05.2014.

Keynote speaker at 'Context Construction': an annual PhD course shared between the sister programmes on Art, Literature and Cultural Studies at Copenhagen University and Aarhus University, Sandbjerg Estate, Southern Denmark, 28.04-2.05.2014.

Invited speaker at a week-long seminar focused on my work at the School of Arts and Humanities, its Graduate Programme and the Research Group ‘Art Theories and Contemporary Media’, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico, 31.03-4.04.2014.

Keynote speaker at Helsinki Photomedia conference, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, 26–28.03.2014.

Invited speaker at the interdisciplinary colloquium ‘Art, Life and the Rule of Law’, Lund University, Sweden, 13-14.03.2014. 

Inaugural lecture, 'Nonhuman Photography', Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, 11.03.2014.


Invited speaker on ‘Critical Theory and the Anthropocene’ at the Theory Now seminar at the Institute of English Studies, University of London, Senate House, 4.12.2013.

Keynote speaker at the 'Beyond AI: Artificial Golem Intelligence' conference, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 12-14.11.2013.

Speaker at the panel on Media Futures at Goldsmiths' Department of Media & Commubnications' 35th anniversary event, 8.11.2013.

Invited speaker at the Arts and Humanities Festival, ‘Being Human’, at King’s College London, 18.10.2013.

Invited speaker at the panel 'The Ethics and Politics of Biomediations’ and speaker-moderator of the opening panel ‘What Is Life?’ at the symposium accompanying the festival of new media and video Transitio_MX05 in Mexico City, 20-29.09.2013.

Invited speaker on ethics at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 11.09.2013.

Invited speaker at the First International Ecosex Symposium organised by Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens and Luke Dixon, Colchester Art Centre, Colchester, 19.07.2013.

Invited speaker on the closing panel for the 'Agency in Movement' symposium organised by SymbioticA, University of Western Australia, 21.06.2013.

Keynote speaker at the ‘Science of Stelarc’ symposium, School of Design and Art, Curtin University, Perth, Australia, 19-20.06.2013.

Invited speaker at the closing plenary panel at the Queer, Feminist and Social Media Praxis Workshop 2013, University of Sussex, 17.05.2013.

Presentation on new media technologies and media arts to a group of Nordic journalists as part of a course, 'Cultural journalism on new platforms', London, 8.04.2013.

Invited talk at the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the Pervasive Media Studio, University of the West of England, 19.03.2013.

Invited speaker at the Institute for North American Studies, King’s College London, 30.01.2013.

Invited speaker at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies (Nomadikon lecture), University of Bergen, Norway, 25.01.2013.


Book launch of After New Media, Goldsmiths, University of London, 5.12.2012.

Invited to deliver a series of lectures and seminars on art, culture, media and ethics at four universities in Poland: the Jagiellonian University, Krakow (16-17.11.2012); Warsaw University (19.11.2012); Poznan University (20.11.2012) and Wroclaw University (21.11.2012).

Invited speaker at the international seminar 'Nature – Body – Sex', as part of the ANTI-Contemporary Art Festival in Kuopio, Finland, 25-30.09.2012.

Invited speaker (Lecture 1, ‘Beyond the text: ethics, technology and art’  and Lecture 2, ‘The force of bioart: reconfiguring ontology, epistemology and ethics’), visit hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities, its Graduate Programme and the Research Group ‘Art Theories and Contemporary Media’, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico, 10-11.09.2012.

Invited speaker and teacher at the 18th Summer School of Cultural Studies, 'On the Outskirts of Art: Artistic Practices in Public Spaces', University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 6–8.06.2012.

Invited speaker at ‘Now! Visual Culture’, the International Association of Visual Culture Conference at New York University, 31.05-2.06.2012.

Invited speaker on bioart at GV Art gallery, London, 16.02.2012.

Invited speaker, ‘In Public’, Research Symposium in the School of Humanities, Royal College of Art, London, 8.02.2012.



Keynote and plenary addresses

Plenary speaker at the Current Issues in European Cultural Studies conference, 'Nature and Culture' session, at Louis de Geer in Norrköping, Sweden, organised by the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) in collaboration with the Association for Cultural Studies (ACS), 15-17.06.2011.

Keynote lecture as Beaverbook Visiting Scholar, Media@McGill, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University, 13.01.2011.

Keynote speaker at a conference on literature and science, 'The Human and its Limits', University of Bergen, Norway, 9-10.12.2010.

Keynote speaker at the 6th European Meeting of the Society of the Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA), ‘Textures’, organised by the Electronic Text + Textile network and held in Riga, Latvia, 15-20.06.2010.

Keynote speaker at the conference on 'Zoontotechnics (Animality/Technicity)’, Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University, 12-14.05.2010.

Keynote speaker at the international symposium, ‘Solid States/Liquid Objects: Discourses of Mediation’, School of Art and Design, Monash University, Australia, 19.08.2009 (paper ‘Digital Flow: Photography on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’).

Keynote speaker at the symposium, ‘Photography, Archive and Memory’, Centre for Research in Film and Audio-Visual Cultures, Roehampton University, London, 5.06.2009.

Keynote speaker at the international conference, ‘Thinking and Making Connections: Cybernetic Heritage in the Social and Human Sciences and Beyond’, organised by Södertörn University College in cooperation with The Nobel Museum, 10-11.11.2008.

Keynote speaker at the 2nd Slavonic Symposium, ‘Myths and Mythologies of Slavonic Nations: How to Deal with Them Today?’, University of East London, 28.04.2008. (paper ‘Democracy, mythology and mourning: on Polish-Jewish relations’)

Keynote speaker at ASCA’s 2008 International Workshop, ‘Engaging Objects’, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, 26-28.03.2008.

Keynote speaker at the international conference, ‘Transmediality and Transculturality’, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, 6-9.12.2007 (paper ‘The transmediality of life: a bioethical response to contemporary media culture’).

Plenary speaker the Roundtable on the Future of Cultural Studies and invited speaker at the two-part panel ‘Cultural Studies after the Left’ (paper ‘There is Nothing Outside the System? Cultural Studies, Politics, Cybernetics’), at the international conference Cultural Studies Now, University of East London, 19-22.07.2007.

Keynote speaker at the international conference, Re-Mediating Literature, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, 4-6.07.2007 (paper ‘Logos bioethikos: What if Foucault Had Had a Blog?’)

Keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Media Subject Group Research Symposium, Thames Valley University, 23.05.2007.

Plenary speaker at the ‘Mediation/Ethics’ Pembroke Center Roundtable, Brown University, 15-16.03.2007.

Keynote speaker at the graduate conference, ‘Contexts, Fields, Positions: Situating Cultural Research’ (paper ‘Beyond Moralism: Cultural Studies, Politics, Ethics'), University of East London, 25-26.05.2006.

Plenary speaker at ‘Body-Media-Imagination’ – two papers (one on plastic surgery, the other on DNA mapping) presented at a two-leg conference organised by Prof. Mark Poster and Prof. Christoph Wulf and held at the University of California Irvine, 27-29.03.2006 and Free University Berlin, 14-16.09.2006.

Plenary speaker at the ‘Panic and Paranoia: Imaging, the Law and the Public Domain’ conference at the School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra, 23-24.08.2006.

Plenary speaker at the roundtable 'The Body - Virtual or Material?' at the 28th Annual Conference of the International Association of Philosophy and Literature (IAPL), Virtual Materialities, Syracuse University, USA, 19-25.05.2004.

Invited lectures, seminars and research visits

Invited speaker, 'Technologies of Meaning' conference, Center for Advanced Media Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 5-6.03.2011.

Invited speaker at the faculty seminar, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University, 12.01.2011 ('The Cut of the Artist: Photographic Mediations').

Plenary speaker at The Visual Culture Studies Conference I, organised by New York University; University of the Arts, London; and University of Westminster, London and held at the University of Westminster, 27-29.05.2010.

Invited speaker at the Intermedia Research Group Series, CRASSH, University of Cambridge, 12.05.2010 (paper ‘Creative Mediation’, with Sarah Kember)

Invited speaker at the Histories of the Digital Future seminar series, Warwick University, 2.03.2010 (paper ‘Digital Media (and beyond)’, with Sarah Kember)

Invited speaker at the opening conference of the 2010 Mellon Sawyer Seminar series, 'Fratricide & Fraternité: Understanding and Repairing Neighbourly Violence', School of Advanced Studies, University of London, 25-26.02.2010 (paper on Polish-Jewish relations).

Invited speaker at the Comparative Literature seminar at the University of California Irvine, 12.02.2010 (paper, 'On bad archives, unruly snappers and liquid photographs')

Invited speaker at the Research Institute for Law, Politics and Justice, Keele University, 2.12.2009 (paper, ‘Playing God, Playing Adam: The Politics and Ethics of Enhancement’).

Invited speaker at a research seminar based around my work on posthumanism and bioethics hosted by the Gender, Culture and Society programme at the University of Limerick, Ireland, 19.11.2009.

Invited speaker at Art Forum, Tasmanian School of Art – Hobart, University of Tasmania, 14.08.2009.

Invited speaker at UTAS Animals & Society Study Group, Hobart, University of Tasmania, 13.08.2009 (paper  'Bioethics Otherwise, or, How to Live with Machines, Humans and  Other Animals’)

Invited speaker at the School of Visual and Performing Arts special event, Academy of the Arts – Launceston, University of Tasmania, 11.09.2009.

Invited speaker at the workshop ‘Biogidital Lives’, hosted by the Centre for the Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen), the Centre for Material Digital Culture and the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research, University of Sussex, 14.07.2009 (paper: ‘The politics and ethics of biodigital enhancement’).
Invited speaker at a postgraduate lecture series on ‘Ethics and Aesthetics’, Royal College of Art, London, 9.02.2009 (paper ‘The Cut of the Artist: Aesthetics, Ethics, Prosthetics’).

Invited speaker at a research seminar at the Centre for Film and Media Studies, School of African and Oriental Studies, London, 14.01.2009 (paper on life, mediation and bioart).

Invited speaker at a symposium on photographic theory and practice, ‘Photographic Mediations’, at Coventry School of Art and Design, Coventry University, 6.11.2008 (paper, ‘Digital futures, or who’s afraid of the amateur photographer?’). 

Invited speaker at the international symposium, ‘Media Ethics and the Global’, The American University of Paris, 25-26.06.2008. (paper ‘Blogging at the Crossroads of Narcissism and Ethics’)

Invited lecture on ‘New directions in cultural studies’, University of Heidelberg, 6.05.2008.

Invited speaker at the international conference ‘The Ethics of Media: Philosophical Foundations and Practical Imperatives’, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge, 4-5.04.2008 (paper ‘The Ethos of Good Life in Online Media, or, what if Foucault had had a Blog?’)

Invited speaker at a postgraduate lecture series on ‘New Nature’, Royal College of Art, London, 1.02.2008.

Invited speaker at the research seminar in the Department of History of Art and Architecture, University of Reading, 24.10.2007 (paper 'Green bunnies and speaking ears: the ethics of bioart').

Invited speaker at the Research Centre for Therapeutic Education, Roehampton University, 3.05.2007.

Invited speaker at a research seminar hosted by the Cultural Studies Programme and the School of Architecture at the University of Edinburgh (paper on new architectures of the body),13.10.2006.

Invited speaker to give a series of lectures on ‘The Politics and Ethics of New Media’ at (1) School of Art History, Cinema, Classics & Archaeology, University of Melbourne, (2) Artist in the World lecture series at the Centre of Ideas, the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, (3) Centre for Cultural Research and the Writing and Society programme at the University of Western Sydney, August 2006.

Invited talk at ‘Borderlines’, organised by the Forum for European Philosophy and held at Borders Bookstore on Charing Cross Road, London, 11.05.2006 (presentation on bioethics and makeover culture).

Invited speaker at ‘Giving Space, Taking Time: A Workshop on Hospitality and Generosity’, hosted by the Geography Department of the Open University, 22-23.03.2006.

Invited speaker at a research seminar in the John Cass School of Art at London Metropolitan University (paper on ethics and cultural studies), 8.03.2006.

Invited talk, 'On ethics, Levinas and cultural studies (with a little help from Stelarc)', PhD programme, Central St Martins, University of the Arts London, 1.03.2006.

Invited speaker on the panel 'The Posthuman Body: Stelarc and Bodily Modification’, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 11.01.2006.

Invited guest lecture, ‘The Politicians of Good and Evil: Culture, Politics, Ethics’, Institute of English Philology, University of Wroclaw, Poland, 21.12.2005.

Invited speaker at ‘Open Futures: Mobile Identities’ (paper ‘Future Perfect: Mobile Identities in the Makeover Culture’), co-organised by the Institute for Advanced Studies and the Centre for the Study of Media, Technology and Culture, Lancaster University, 10-11.11.2005.

Invited speaker at the MeCCSA Women's Media Studies Network Seminar at Goldsmiths College, 19.04.2005.

Invited speaker on a panel on ‘Philosophical Investigations’ in the School of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of East London (paper on Levinas and cultural studies), 1.12.2004.

Invited speaker at a research seminar in Media and Cultural Studies at Kingston University, London (paper on feminism and bioethics), 25.11.2004.

Invited speaker at the University of King’s College, Halifax, Canada (1 plenary lecture: ‘Of (Wo)Men, Mice and Cyborgs: New Questions for Feminism and Bioethics’ + 2 seminars), 19-23.10.2004.

Invited speaker at a special panel 'Close Encounters with Judith Butler' held at the 27th IAPL Annual Conference, Writing Aesthetics, University of Leeds, UK, 26-31.05.2003.

Invited speaker at a Culture Machine-hosted seminar on deconstruction and cultural studies held at the ACLA 2003: Crossing Over conference, San Marcos University, San Diego, USA, 4-6.04.2003.

Invited speaker on the panel 'Prosthetics: Technology and the Human', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 9.03.2003.

Invited speaker at the international conference 'Ethics and Politics: The Work of Alain Badiou' (paper "'Arous[ing] the intensity of existence': the ethics of seizure and interruption"), Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University, UK, 25-26.05. 2002.


Public talks

Invited speaker on bioart at GV Art gallery, London, 16.02.2012.

Invited speaker at Robotville festival at the Science Museum, November 2011.

Participant in a conversation with Eduardo Kac (international bioartist), Donlon Books art bookshop, London, 20.06.2009.

Plenary speaker at ‘Network Effect’, a British Council initiative that brings young future leaders together from all over Europe to discuss key issues of concern facing their societies, and to develop the networks and leadership skills needed to tackle these new kinds of challenges. Theme: ‘Inclusive Culture? Identity and Prejudice’, 5-7.03.2008, The British Council, Budapest (paper, ‘It’s a wonderful world: fromplastic surgery to nation rebuilding').

Invited speaker to discuss my book, Imaginary Neighbors: Mediating Polish Jewish-Relations after the Holocaust, at the Jewish Book Week event in London, ‘Poles and Jews: Troubled Neighbours?’, 2.03.2008.

Invited speaker at the Liverpool Art Gallery FACT, responding to the FACT-commissioned video-art project 'Robot Films' by US artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, 27.09.03.

Participant in a debate ‘Freud on the Couch’ accompanying the performance of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the feminist theatre company Sphinx, Bath Theatre Royal, 10.06.2000.



‘Blogging at the Crossroads of Narcissism and Ethics’, paper presented at the international conference organised by the Association of Cultural Studies, Crossroads 2008, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, 3-7.07.2008.

Presentation on bioethics at the 4th Biannual Meeting of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts, University of Amsterdam, 13-16.06.2006.

'CLASS-ifying Anti-Semitism: Aporias of Responsibility and Forgiveness', presented at Congress CATH 2002: Translating Class, Altering Hospitality, organised by the AHRB Centre in Cultural Analysis, Theory and History, University of Leeds, UK, 21-21.06.2002.

'Getting Even: Ethics and the Price of Death', presented at the 26th Annual IAPL Conference, Intermedialities, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 3-8.06.2002.

'Making Promises: Cultural Studies and Responsibility', presented at the International Interdisciplinary Conference: 'Cultural Studies: Between Politics and Ethics', Bath Spa University College, UK, 6-8.07.2001.

'Unweaving the Deadly Enigma or, What's Sublime About Spiders?', presented at the conference 'Inventions of Death: Literature, Philosophy, Psychoanalysis', University of Warwick, UK, 8-9.06.2001.

'The Cyborg Experiments: Performing Selves in Online Spaces', presented at a plenary session at The Chesapeake Chapter of the American Studies Association conference on Constructing Cyberculture(s): Performance, Pedagogy, and Politics in Online Spaces, University of Maryland, USA, 6-7.04.2001.

'The Future … Is Monstrous: Politics, Ethics, Prosthetics', presented at the Conference of the Post-Structuralist Group of the Political Studies Association, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK, 25.01.2001.

'The Ethics of Blindness: Feminism Beyond the Gaze', an international interdisciplinary conference 'Gendering Ethics/The Ethics of Gender', University of Leeds, UK, 23-25.06.2000.

'The Sublime and the Cybercity: the Ethics of Hospitality in Cyberspace', IXth Annual Conference on Cross-Currents in Literature, Film and the Visual Arts 'The Sublime and the City', University College Cork, 28-30.04.2000.

·        Plenary speaker at the 2012 Managing Life conference and exhibition organised by LABTP Kolektiv: Society for the actualization of biopolitical theory and art practice in Belgrade, Serbia (Bioethics: Science, Biopower and Life strand, 5.10.2012, forthcoming)