Media Spaces, 2009

Do media happen in particular spaces? Are media location-bound, or it is only 'media effects' that we can encounter in the form of material traces and digital flickers? This project is based on the assumption that media can only be experienced through the multi-level processes of mediation. In this sense, media 'as such' always escape us, teasing us with an illusion of immediacy while also constantly evolving into new sequences of events - big and small ones. 'Media spaces' is an attempt to capture this occurrence of mediation in locales as different as multimedia stores, music shops, bookshops and media exhibition centres, and to trace the singularity of ‘media experience’ in them.

The images have been published in the article ‘Creative Media: Performance, Invention, Critique’ (co-written with Sarah Kember), in Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Janis Jefferies and Rachel Zerihan (eds) Interfaces of Performance (Aldergate: Ashgate, 2009).