'I Don't Go to the Movies' explores the process of looking at strangers in public spaces. Using a familiar cinematic look and staging encounters between the already-seen and the merely-imagined, Zylinska aims to create the experience of ‘street cinema’. Her poster-like images playfully mix filmic conventions with those of other media and genres, such as classical photography, graphic design and TV drama, without remaining faithful to any of them. 'The project raises questions of obsession, desire, curiosity, fleeting interest, detachment and indifference, both as forms of art practice and as everyday affects.

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This project has been exhibited, in different incarnations, at London Gallery West, P3 Gallery and Madame Lillies Gallery.

Selected images were published in issue 3 of 20x20 magazine in 2009, and - together with an accompanying article - in vol. 11 of Culture Machine in 2010.