Photographic publications

Image and text

(2017) Nonhuman Photography (book and online gallery)

(2013) 'Will You Ever Go Back?', in Marta Rabikowska (ed.) The Everyday of Memory: Transition and Culture in Post-Communist Societies (New York: Peter Lang) [photography project accompanied by a short text]

(2012) ‘Life in the Battlefield of Vision’, response to the Image Wars questionnaire by Asbjørn Grønstad and Øyvind Vågnes of the Bergen Centre of Visual Culture, Nomadikon.

(2010) ‘On Bad Archives, Unruly Snappers and Liquid Photographs’, Photographies, vol. 3, issue 2, August.

(2010) ‘I Don’t Go to the Movies’, Culture Machine, Vol. 11.

(2009) ‘You Killed Barack Obama, 2008’, Journal of Visual Culture, vol. 8 no 2.

(2009) (with Sarah Kember) ‘Creative Media: Performance, Invention, Critique’, in Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka Maria X], Janis Jefferies and Rachel Zerihan (eds) Interfaces of Performance (Aldergate: Ashgate)

Selected catalogue essays

(2016) ‘Nežmogiška fotografija’ (Nonhuman Photography, in Lithuanian), catalogue essay for the photographic exhibition of Geistė M. Kinčinaityte, You Belong to Me, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Lithuania.

(2014) ‘The life-making power of photography’, essay in the art monograph by artist Manuel Vason, Double Exposures: Performance as Photography, Photography as Performance, Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books.

(2014) ‘Are We Responsible For the End of the World?’, catalogue essay for the exhibition  ‘Lost in Fathoms’ by Anaïs Tondeur in collaboration with Prof. Jean-Marc Chomaz, GV Art, London.

(2014) ‘Curating / Open / Images’, in: Looking at Images: A Researcher’s Guide, edited by Jane Birkin, Rima Chahrour and Sunil Manghani. Open access e-book, Winchester School of Art.

(2013) ‘All the World’s a Camera: Notes on Non-human Photography’, catalogue essay (published in English and French) for the photographic biennale Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, Drone: The Automated Image.

(2011) 'Language Games', catalogue essay (published in English and Mandarin) for the solo show of Ting Ting Cheng, ‘Object Fantasy’, at Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei

(2011) 'Against All Odds: Life on Park Road', catalogue essay for the Excavating Utopia exhibition, which was part of the Look2011 Liverpool International Photography Festival.

(2011) 'The Gift of Death, the Gift of Life', catalogue essay for Alicja Dobrucka's exhibition at The Agency Gallery in London.


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