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Starting a blog in mid-2011 may seem like a case of seriously bad timing, like turning up to a party when all the cool kids have moved on to another location or joining Facebook when the media-savvy are all ready to join Google + (or a pub discussion group). Yet here I am, a media theorist whose object of study - the so called ‘new media’ - has always been somehow untimely, trying to have a go at writing my afterthoughts, or aftermedia, from the frontlines of culture, philosophy and art, in a slightly different format from my regular academic writing...

Since it is the middle of summer for us UK academics (although for those of us who have actually remained in the UK this July doesn't feel very summery at all), I thought I’d start from something that makes me feel a little warmer while also bringing up that whole issue of being 'out of time' that's currently playing on my mind: Cuba.

After my recent travels across the island, shockingly beautiful yet somewhat uncanny in its mixture of UNESCO-led renovation and what looks like irreversible dilapidation, I was reminded of Alain Badiou’s comments made to Peter Hallward in his 1998 interview, 'Politics and philosophy’ (Angelaki, 3:3,113-133):

I respect Cuba as a figure of resistance, for we should respect all the forms of resistance to the hegemony of the global market, and to its principal organiser: American imperialism. But Cuba provides singular testimony of an outmoded conception of politics. And so Cuba will have, unavoidably, very serious problems, internal problems, because it bears witness, with incontestable grandeur, to a figure of the Party-State that belongs to another political age. Everything that exists is born, develops and comes to an end. After which we move on to something else.

Here are a few images of Cuban not-so-new media:

You can view more here.




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